About company

The G&A company was established in Slovakia by the married couple, Irina Guryeva and Iljas Aliev, in 2012 as a family company. There was a certain moment in time when we felt that the work experience acquired in various areas, in various functional directions and from various angles in the course of more than 50 years, cannot be not sought after on the market of both Russia and Slovakia. Our mission is to give the businessmen and company workers a chance to achieve the best possible results by means of:

  1. Increasing efficiency,
  2. Making use of experience of other people who have already been on that road for a long time and
  3. Making use of progressive technologies of human resource management , finance and education.

We conduct training sessions both for private clients and for companies (in-house trainings). Our main training base is in Bratislava, Slovakia, where we have a cosy training room at the Uninova centre (Dopravná 51). We can also organise training sessions in Moscow or other cities, based on the client’s requests.


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