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Greetings from the G&A company!

We will be very happy to help you not only in your professional development, but also in the development of your business. You can find more information about us in the submenus About the Company and Consultants. The schedule of future seminars and the information concerning the already organized seminars, as well as seminar topics which we can offer to you based on your order, can be found in the submenu Seminars. If you want to apply for a seminar, use the submenu Order. If you present a company (a legal entity), the section Seminars, listing seminars to which you can invite your employees/workers, will be of interest to you, as well as the Consultations section which gives a brief description of how we can help your company.

Our main base is in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are sure that for you personally and for your employees it will be as pleasant as rewarding to combine learning with a visit to this beautiful city in the heart of Europe with its warm-hearted locals and gorgeous Slovak cuisine.We’ll be happy to help you organise your stay in Bratislava, to advise you on possible tourist routes, historic, cultural and natural attractions.

See you in Bratislava!


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